There are 9 abilities total.


Shield is an ability that is available from the start. After filling up the Rage Meter from killing enemies, you can then use your abilities. Shield is simple: it makes you take less damage from enemy attacks.

Ability given at start.

Two upgrades

  • Advanced: Thicker shield. Size matters. Requirements - Level 2 / 10000 Gold


Healing is a HoT (heal over time) ability that heals all nearby allies within a decent range for about 10hp per second. It is a great ability if you get low on health often, because in God Mode there's none of that self-healing-over-time business. Great if you are a new player, and if you are not very good at keeping your health high with relics or pick-ups, but not very recommended for the more skilled players, who can easily rely on their skill and health relics to keep them alive.

On The EdgeEdit

Survive during limited time and replenish some armor and health as a reward. Be careful, as you will die in one hit while the ability is active. It takes about a second to finish the casting animation. During this time, you are vulnerable to attack.

Normal: Provides 50 Health and 50 Armor after a three-second timer.

Advanced: "Less pain. More gain." Provides 75 Health and 75 Armor after a three-second timer.

Olympian: "Your fragile state only lasts for a few seconds."


on use summons lighting bolts that zap random enemies for a limited amount of time

Advanced: Adds more bolts and increases damage.


Changes random enemies into allies for a limited amount of time. (allied monsters will have a green light above their head).

Advanced: unknown.


Summons a useful item such as ammo or gold.

Advanced: Turns all dead body killed within the last 45 seconds into useful items, quite frequently a 1750 gold chip.


Smashes your fist into the ground to create a big shockwave around you, deals damage to all enemies around you.

Advanced: increases damage and radius of shockwave.



Attain Godmode and reclaim your place as an invincible being atop Olympus.