Oaths are certain handicaps chosen by the players before each match that reward you with bonus percentage of experience and gold.

Available oathsEdit

Serpent - health pickups are less effective. (+10% exp, +15% gold bonus)

Sword - ammo pickups are less effective. (+8% exp, +10% gold bonus)

Hound - the player takes more damage (+20% exp, +25% gold bonus)

Spider - the player deals less damage (+20% exp, +25% gold bonus)

Thief - the player has no armor (+30% exp, +30% gold bonus)

Warrior - permanent ability cooldown (+20% exp, +20% gold)

Scorpion - enemy attacks cause poison damage (+25% exp, +25% gold bonus)


-The Warrior oath is considered to be the least handicaping, while giving a considerable experience and gold bonus.

-Always check your enabled oaths before starting a match. Doing so can save you needless frustration and waste of available lives.