Given to you Randomly once you reach an Altar.  Each Test of Faith gives you increments of 100 experience once completed by killing all enemies in the area.

Test of Faith Description

Difficulty Availability


"Increased experience +50%."

Coin Blood particles are replaced by gold coins worth 10 gold each. Bronze and Silver
God Mode "You are randomly granted moments of invincibility"

Invincibility and unlimited ammunition are periodically granted to a random player for a short period of time. If the player is alone, then they will only have short moments of vulnerability.

Titan The enemies are larger and stronger. Bronze
Dwarfs The enemies are smaller and weaker. Bronze

Random goodies spawn on the battlefield (normally near the altar) at the start. They only spawn once and will disappear after some time.

Dice The players' weapons held will periodically change to a random weapon (even weapons you do not have) with full ammunition. Bronze
Resurrection The party is healed at the start and a spare life is added to the pool. Bronze
Grudge Enemies attack each other and friendly fire is enabled. Bronze
Bomb Bombs randomly fall out of the sky. Bronze
Ally A group of allied creatures spawn on the battlefield (normally near the altar). These creatures are indicated by a glowing green orb above their heads. They can also be destroyed by the players. Bronze
Arrows The players have unlimited ammunition for the duration of the test. Bronze
Hat "Enemies have their party hats on." Bronze
Phoenix "Player explodes on death." Bronze
Discord "Sound playback will be messed with." Bronze
Lightweight "Enemies are as light as a feather"

Enemy corpses float around.


Max life is reduced by 25 but regenerates over time.

Last stand Leaving the barrier around the alter will slowly decrease damage and armor.
Sanctuary A barrier will be place around the alter. Any monster that walks into it will slowly take damage. Bronze

Note: The Information on this page is a work in progress; The table is incomplete.