Plasma pistol

Plasma Pistol

Following weapons are available for use in God Mode either as a primary or secondary:

SMG - Available from start, empties magazines quickly, great for killing off skeleton hordes.

Double-barreled shotgun - Available from start, packs more firepower than SMG, but you will spend more time reloading than actually shooting.

Revolver - Powerful and precise, but its rate of fire is terrible. Great for killing tougher monsters, like mages, especially at long range.

Assault Rifle - More accurate than the SMG, but with a slower rate of fire and smaller magazines.

Shotgun - Less spread than the DBS, it delivers lots of damage in a tight area.

Plasma Pistol - Creates a shockwave upon impact, great for killing groups of enemies. Aim at the feet for increased efficiency.

Railgun - A gun that uses electromagnetic induction to propel its bullets. It has incredible penetration rate, making it a great tool to kill armored enemies or a line of weaker ones.

Minigun - Higher rate of fire and more accurate than the SMG or assault rifle, and more ammo per magazine, but prevents you from running when it's in hand.

Grenade Launcher - Fires grenades that roll or bounce a little before exploding.

Crossbow - Fires flaming bolts, slow to reload, but great damage and can be charged to fire 3 bolts at once.

Buzzsaw - Hold the fire button to spin it and damage enemies at point blank range, release the button to shoot a spinning blade.